Your Basic Tools for Repairs

Your basic tools for repairs

Now that you have your house and you’re furnishing, hopelessly need tools to put nails in the wall, a wrench to assemble a table …

Tus herramientas básicas para reparaciones

Your basic tools for repairs

Unless you want to be by borrowing tools with the possibility of receiving a negative, you better go equipping with tools throughout your life, you will use several if not many times.

There are a variety of tools, so if you plan on going to the store, going to be a little difficult to know which tools to choose from. For this, we will help you determine which tools here are basic to have at home.

There are four main areas for maintenance of the house, which are: electrical, plumbing, carpentry and all other repairs. Based on this, we have listed what elements are essential to keep at home. For example, to repair a cable with bare wires, to tighten screws to hang something on the wall or when the light go:

A toolbox

Electrical tape

Teflon tape

Claw hammer

Mechanical clamps

Flashlight batteries

Nails of different sizes

Electrically insulated pliers

Set of plans screwdrivers

Set of screwdrivers screwdriver (phillips)

Concrete anchors (can be wood or plastic)

Fuse for either 120 or 240 (if you have air conditioning in your home)

Now, slowly you can go buy other tools to help you do more complex for which you have to have some knowledge, how to use the key to open and close the gas things, pierce the wall or furniture, etc .:

Electric drill

Exact (knife)



Steelson key (or perica

Nose pliers with insulated

Nuts, washers, etc.

If your husband is who like to make and repair, then there are even more tools that they will need. These are more expensive and more convenient to rent them, but they need practice in its use because it is risky to use them without prior knowledge. For example, to install formica kitchen for manufacturing a wooden cabinet to install a cabinet or structure on the patio, plumbing, etc .:


Jig saw

Circular saw

Electric sanding

Tube cutter

Wood brush

Table or workbench, etc.

Well, the list is endless and sometimes we prefer to hire an expert to do the job; but frustrating about the electrician to see that only hits some fuse and was the cause of the outage at home. And if you do not like much the maintenance of your house, at least you must understand the operation of facilities for what to do in an emergency, say, a flame on the stove is not wanted off. Try also have organized the toolbox, sorting by size screws, etc.

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the toolbox, sorting by size screws, etc.